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As has been mentioned previously, Beowulf was written somewhere around the seventh or the eighth century by an unidentified author. The story basically focuses on Beowulf, the most important character, who is capable of using his super-human substantial potency and bravery to consider the priority of his people above his own desires. He comes across revolting monsters but never worries about the danger of death. Beowulf is the definitive hero who puts his life at risk a vast number of times for everlasting magnificence and for the betterment of others. But there are particular weaknesses in him as well such as a desire for pride as well as a bit of show off and dependence on material goods.


Beowulf is an extremely courageous and audacious individual. The actions that he takes against the fiend Grendel which was frightening the Danes proves that he had the tendency to help others while putting himself in risk. It is usually found in an epic that the hero basically settles on the providence of a homeland or grouping of people. In the poem we can find that Beowulf has unquestionably facilitated the Danes as well as his own nation the Geats in their achievement over malevolence by slaughtering Grendel his mother and the dragon. Beowulf has made attempts to help mankind to the best of his powers and because of that the Geats make him their king. Beowulf’s valiant actions and undertakings have given to the Danes and the Geats continued existence.
An additional attribute of a heroic poem is that the male protagonist carries out contemptible and from time to time extraordinary actions that can not be performed by a human. Beowulf is a major illustration of this category of hero. He takes it upon himself to clash Grendel and when Grendel’s mother wishes to take revenge he goes up to the lake and agrees to the challenge. He shows the immense individuality of potency and supremacy when, past fifty years, he decided to take up on the dragon who has grown to be a menace to the Geats. He at all times encounters his adversary with satisfaction. When Beowulf wrestles the dragon the rest of the people get scared and run away to the wooded area and conceal. By this we come to know that Beowulf possesses gutsy traits and is indisputably prepared and eager to help.

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