Sample Essay

Fred Bailey is an American who recently shifted to Tokyo along with his family for a three-year contract with a multinational that desires to station him in Japan. Initially, his wife was cynical about the move since it would have a substantial impact on each member of their family. She did not have an enthusiastic response to his proposition since she felt that “it would be rather difficult to have children live and go to school in a foreign country especially when Christine, the oldest would be starting middle school next year. Besides, with the kids now in school Jenny was thinking about going back to work.” (Bailey, p.1)

However, since the company was offering them a better prospect in favor of the assignment, Fred and his family chose to accept the company’s offer and proceeded with the move. But on reaching Japan and getting familiarized with the organization’s corporate culture and baseless racial segregation Fred felt like there were quite a few unspoken grievances between people of two different nationalities. Since Fred and his family had not researched about Japan before the move, the cultural climate came as an unpleasant shock to them.

When Fred hosted an introductory meeting on his first day at the workplace, he found the Japanese employees to be a bit withdrawn and conformed to their own groups. The Japanese sat together while the Americans stuck to their own clique. He tried to engage everyone into discussion after providing a prefatory speech that explained his vision regarding the organization. While the Americans participated zealously in the discourse, the Japanese gave unsettling, abstract opinions that Fred could not decipher. However, Fred realized their discomfort through the subtle micro-messaging that the Japanese provided in their body language. (Bailey, p.2)

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