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The article that has been taken under consideration basically tells us of all precautions that can be taken up by all campers before leaving for their trip as well as after reaching there. It tells us that precautions such as examining and testing cooking, heating, as well as all other fire related gear should be checked at home before leaving for the camping grounds and one should ensure that they are in good shape and fix up all the repairs that are needed, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

 Secondly the author further states that after reaching the camping site, the most dangerous activities is cooking! The author states that a vast majority of fires take place because cooking areas remain unattended by people at times. There are definitely a vast number of interruptions along with numerous other things that can be done during the trip, but after the time that you have started off your fire you need to make sure that you stay around it no matter what happens (Seasonal Safety, 2007). Take steps to keep your children and pets away from the fire. No matter if they are simply cuddling up by the heat of the fire, sweltering marshmallows, or simply playing and entertaining them, you need to ascertain that they are constantly under supervision so as to put off any misfortune.

The author states that, “Despite the allure of Mother Nature, do not abandon the outdoor cooking area, either. Moreover, the same considerations of grill safety used at home apply at the campground: Keep the fire, stove, or grill away from overhanging tree branches, tents, and other items such as sleeping gear or drying clothing” (Fire hazards do not take holidays, 2005).

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