Sample Essay

On visiting the KungfuPanda website the user is presented with an introductory screen which states the release date of the movie in US and also has a link to the worldwide movie release dates. If the user is interested in viewing the webpage in another language, there is a choice of 8 different languages. The user can simply select the country’s flag and a new KungfuPanda window opens in that language. With traditional medium the movie distribution company would be required to produce advertising material separately for each of the 8 languages which would be costly. With the Internet it is relatively easy to translate a webpage in different languages.

If the user is only interested in viewing the trailer for the movie they can click on the link, however, for a user who is interested in finding more about the movie he/she can click on the ‘Enter the Site’ link. In this way KungfuPanda website has provided interactivity and given its customers flexibility and control of how they view the website and how long, or in much detail they view the website.

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