Sample Essay

In Sorrows of Empire, the author talks about the extraction of American militarism, the increase and degree of the military-industrial composite, and the near fix among arms manufacturing administrative and sophisticated politicians. What he also considers is how the armed forces has unmitigated the limitations of what comprises national safety so as to consolidate intelligence agencies beneath their power and how statesmen have been reinstated by vocation soldiers on the basics of foreign policy–a transfer that unsurprisingly augments the incidence which leads us to war.

 Even though his arguments would bring forward controversy, Johnson is an accomplished and knowledgeable historian who sustains his claims with abundant research and influential point of view. This book is an outstanding introduction on how the USA is being shown the way to damage by a collection of populace who are coating their own pockets as well as their friends and followers. This is all being done and is being called Democracy, Freedom and Globalization.

This manuscript is a condemnation of American military and unilateralism, and it should be read by all of the citizens of USA. Even though there is a bit of exaggeration and a need of arrangement and adequate references to a broader assortment of sustaining text, and to the author’s propensity to go “a bridge too far” in holding the CIA responsible for the whole thing and in pretentious that the troops along with their relations are in some way enjoying their “well-appointed” out of the country deployments.

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