Sample Essay

The data analysis has also suggested that the theatres have also been very cautious in selecting films for being shown. It was observed that films which received high praises and review prior to their release were shown at more cinemas than those which were not able to get the attention of reviewers. Hence the difference between number of theatre showing a positively review films was much higher than the number of theatre showing films with little or not reviews. This number hovered around 3800-3900 for well reviewed films while lesser known films were shown in theatres as less as 5. The average number of theatre that a film on top 60 category got was 1958 (Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams).

There is another fact I would like to mention here that I believe would be very helpful for Star Cinema in its planning for selection future releases. The collected data also show that average time a film spent in the top 60 category is 14 weeks with the maximum number of week spent by a film in top 60 being 27 and minimum being 1. This number implies that Star Cinema has sufficient time to evaluate the performance of a film and decide on whether to continue or to replace the film with a new release (Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams).
I hope that the information provided in this memo would be very helpful for you in providing suggestions for selecting next films for showing at your Cinema. A more comprehensive report containing analysis of complete data collected by our time as well as a more complete set of recommendation will follow this memo in few days.

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