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The book The Plague is set by the author in the Algerian city of Oran. In April the residents start to become aware of to a greater extent of deceased and becoming extinct rats. Fright spreads all the way through the inhabitants as the prospect of overwhelming, dying rats and the carcass that was left behind by them was becoming more and more common. The compilation and cremation of the rats’ starts to take its toll on the human population as well who start to fall ill with an unexplained fever. The doctors are persuaded that bubonic plague has spread but the powers that be do not take any action. The city is positioned under quarantine after sometime.
Personal panic takes place amongst all of the citizens of the city. Certain people try to run away from the problem by running away from the city while the others stay in the city to fight the plague in whatever way they can. But one person in the entire city is not effected by the plague, who is a criminal and has lived a rather lonely life. With the onset of the plague he makes full use of it by performing as a smuggler out of which he made a rather large personal affluence. After a number of months have passed, the populace of Oran comes to be familiar with the cooperative anguish because of all that took place. Putting on one side their feelings of individual calamity, they posse simultaneously to struggle against the plague.
After the plague goes away, the reaction of the survivors changes completely. After certain time, the schedule gets back to usual just the way it was previous to the rats began dying. But at the end of the theme, the author leaves us with the notion that even though the plague has gone away from the city, it can always come back in some way or the other (Camus, p.1- 320).

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