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The Story of an Hour presents to us, the readers, the story of a young married girl, who feel imprisoned by her husband, the society which has chained her down to follow a particular path of life. People would expect her to cry, sob and wail upon the death of her husband, but on the other hand she realizes that this death has brought happiness to her life. She is so happy upon this realization that she feels no pain about the loss of her husband; all that matters is that she will regain her happiness and independence as she keeps saying, “Free! Body and soul free!”. This happiness takes over her like a mania, which shatters when she sees her husband standing alive in front of her and she basically dies of shock when she realizes that her happiness was momentary, but she was believed to had died “of heart disease – of joy that kills.”.


      In the story we find that Mrs. Mallard was never happy with her marriage, her husband never treated her right, typically because women in the 19th century were not given much rights. Her husband’s death comes as good news to her, but seeing him alive is the basic twist in the entire plot which kills her happiness and takes away her life as well (Chopin, p.1-32).


     The story, “The Story of an Hour”, which was written by Kate Chopin tells us how imprisoned women in the 19th century were, to the point that the death of their husband’s was good news to them as it liberated them and gave them freedom. Mrs. Mallard gained this happiness and lost it within an hour, as a result of which she died.

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