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In the book that has been presented, the philosopher by the name of Pangloss always finds some reason for the dreadful things that are going on around him and the point of view that he has seems ever more absurd. Another thing that is being criticized by the author here is that of the whole double standards of religion. Voltaire has a procession of fraudulent two-faced spiritual leaders, for example the Pope who has a daughter, while the Pope should have been celibate. Voltaire presents to the readers innumerable examples of the corruption and duplicity of devout leaders, but he does not actually denounce believers, he only attacks church headship and church chain of command. For instance Jacques, who is an Anabaptist is debatably the most openhanded and compassionate characters.

What more has been criticized in the book involves money and the way it corrupts people. It is shown that Candide has more troubles at the time that he is rich. Things do not go well when he is sad. An attractive point, Voltaire was profoundly caught up in a dispute a number of deep thinkers of his time. He moved comfortably among upper-class circles and

What more has been criticized by is the notion and worth of philosophical speculation. He believes that it is a waste of time and it is one of Pangloss’ major faults. In the disordered world of this narrative, theoretical speculation continually proves to be of no use, and from time to time even hazardous. It basically stops the characters from forming any functional evaluation of the world; it stops them from setting off any type of alteration. Pangloss is the personality most vulnerable to this sort of stupidity. For instance, whilst Jacques is drowning, Candide is stopped by Pangloss from saving him by showing to him that the inlet was fashioned for Jacques to drown in. Consequently, at the conclusion, Candide throw-outs Pangloss’ philosophies. Voltaire believes that instead of philosophical speculation, what is required is hard work.

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