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Every single one of us dreams at night, even though we might not recall it in the morning. We dream every single night even though the next morning we might think we did not. The most vivid dreams occur during this particular type of sleep known as REM, which means “Rapid Eye Movement”. During REM sleep our eyes move back and forth extremely quickly. The term “vivid” means intense and energetic, and we have vivid dreams during REM sleep as our mind is most active during it. We have REM sleep each night every 90 to 100 minutes and the REM period lasts for around 45 minutes at most. Even though we also dream during other phases of our sleep, but they are not as lively.
Consider our brain as a huge filing cabinet. All that we observe, listen to, savor, smell and touch is absorbed and commemorated by our brain, and filed into what can be known as a brain file. Whenever we read a book, watch a movie, listen to our favorite music, eat a burger or play with our pets, all of our activity is stored in these files of our brain. Our brain is attentive towards everything even when we are not. These “files” become our memories and at times we do not even know that they are present in our mind! As soon as we fall asleep, our brain starts gathering bits and pieces of these memories and accumulates them into what we call a dream.

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