Sample Essay

Although an attack inYementhat killed 17U.S.sailor of the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 was suspected to be by Al-Qaeda, the organization came to light with the attacks on theTwinTowersand Pentagon in the U.S. itself, which led to massive loss of life (3025 individuals). Later, car and truck bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey all directed towards U.S.targets make this huge organization the number one risk to theUnited States.

The group that takes the number two spot is the Columbian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC). Scoring high in frequency, the FARC repeatedly targetedU.S.nationals inColumbia. Its tactics include taking hostage and then murdering, or using bombs and grenades to cause mass destruction and loss of life. Targeting bars and night clubs which are frequented by Americans in Columbia, FARC, which is the guerilla wing of the Columbian Communist Party, employs hijacking, vehicle bombing, extortion, kidnapping and guerilla and conventional warfare against anyone, whether military or civilian, that it considers a threat. The oldest and largest insurgent group in the Americas, it derives its funds from illegal trades such as drug trafficking. Designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. in 2001, (The Office of the Coordinator for Counter-terrorism) it continues to draw sympathy and support from leaders in Cuba and Venezuela.

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