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The objective of the research is to analyze the elements of change management that are implemented by organizations in the scenario of economic downturn. The core objective of this research is to identify the impact of change management on the survival of different organizations that are currently operating in the automobile industry and what measures do they take in the scenario of an economic downturn. Furthermore, the aspects of economic downturn are discussed in detail and how change management is applied by automobile companies to be successful in both the short and the long run is discussed in detail.

Research Strategy

Different methods of data collection are discussed and different methodologies are elaborated but the strategy that is used in this research is based on primary and secondary sources and data is mainly collected through these sources. However, the approach that is used in this research is based on qualitative analysis of the data and quantitative approach is not used to analyze the data. Furthermore, executives and senior managers of Ford and GM are contacted through emails and they are requested to fill out the questionnaires. Therefore, it can be said that the primary data analyzes the impact of economic downturn and change management in these organizations in the period of economic downturn in Ford and GM. In the similar manner it can be said that a deductive approach is used in this research to test the hypothesis.

Research Questions

There are certain research questions that are used and discussed in this research these questions are stated below:

How change management affects an organizations

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