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Change management has a different theoretical and practical implication that is the reason why it is implemented in most of the organizations in the situations of financial crisis and they are usually adopted by many managers. However, there are certain theories that are associated with the change management and these theories are discussed below:

Booz Allen’s Change management approach

Researchers always stresses on the fact that change in an organization is considered to be the most difficult aspect and in nearly every organization resistance is offered in implementing the change unless the policies and strategies that are related to change are devised properly. Change management is considered as difficult task and whether the change in an organization is driven by the merger, financial crisis or certain government regulations it is usually difficult to manage (Durkin 2005). However, change possesses the power to appeal individuals because the outcomes of change are positive in most of the circumstances. Booz Allen (2004) developed an equation that is related to change management. This equation although is based on hypothetical facts but it is quite essential is managing change in organizations .The equation is:

Logic + Emotion = Successful Changes

In organizations CEO’s and senior managers are the ones that set up the course of actions for their employees. They believe that a solid action plan is very essential in the change management process. However, choosing a viable actions plan is necessary for a CEO and this plan must benefit the employees and the overall organization. For example if an individual retailers opts for a change management strategy and then decides to shut down its stores and other shops then the employees of that organization would not back up this decision. Similarly, if that retailer opts for change in location and tells the employee that’s since we are not growing that is why we have to change the location. This is a more viable approach and in many cases employees would back up the decision. That is the reason why a strategy for change must be based on logical arguments and it must be centred on people and with a touch of emotions it can foster success. For example if a manager says you have to stay all night long to complete your work and another day he/he opts for a change management strategy and advised his workers to use the software to complete their work before night. This strategy is considered to be a viable option and employees would definitely respond positively on this.

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