Sample Essay

The cupola, with a width and a stature that are somewhat alike, “a little under 25 meters, stands out more strikingly than the cupolas of Byzantine churches, for, being made of wood, its weight does not necessitate, as in the case of vaults made of stone, those buttresses or side cupolas that weight down the external outlines of Hagia Sophia and the monuments inspired by it.

This cupola has been covered with gold ever since it was built, due to the piety of the master-builders, Rija ibn Haya and Yazid ibn Salim, who spent upon this luminous covering all that remained of the wealth that had been entrusted to them for the purpose of erecting the monument” (Garaudy, 1994). In a number of cases, vacationers and pilgrims have contrasted the cupola to a mountain that is consisted of mystical light, or at times to a sun when its gold sparkles in the glittering light of Palestinian mornings, noon’s, and dusks, with never-ending disparities in the intensity of shades.

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