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Freedom of speech is defined as the independence to voice ones opinion without being subjected to censorship or any form of limitation that may cause the expression of speech to be restricted or hindered.
The issue of whether or not freedom of speech should be allowed has been a much debated subjected for decades. Even more so debated has been the issue of what degree of independence that the freedom of speech should be given in order to maintain the utility of the freedom of speech at a level where it can be classified as a constructive argument or as constructive criticism.
It is important to highlight that the sensitivity of this matter infers from the fact that the right to the freedom of speech and the concept of applying limitations upon it comes forth only when a controversy is at hand or a debate is taking place in which two different contexts are being compared and evaluated.
In the following paragraphs, the legitimacy of the concept of the applications of limitations upon freedom of speech will be evaluated. The justification for the limitations on the freedom of speech will be given as a contrast to the natural occurrence of events and the role that misconceptions play in the occurrence of an event where limitations upon the freedom of speech have to be exercised.
The applications of limitations on the freedom of speech are justified in light of the fact that freedom of speech is more than often exploited to encourage the formation and exploitation of mobs. Over time, this particular genre of the exploitation has been used countless times to incite violence and to cultivate elements of hostility in the general public.

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