Sample Essay

This is the case where art therapy comes in and helps these patients in expressing their feelings by the help of not only the creative art but also by the therapy sessions in which they talk their feelings with each other and in most cases it has been seen that these are the patients who can express their inner feelings by the help of paintings and the art that they create. In addition to this the most important influence that has been seen in the case of art therapy has been to trigger the minds of these patients to think in a positive manner about what the life has to offer instead of what they are losing because of the disease.

It has been seen that the  women who have been receiving the radiation therapies as well as the  chemotherapies have been the ones who have shown improvements in there conditions only after attending five or more session of art therapy. In these cases the significant improvement has been seen in the mental health, physical health as well as an improved and enhanced quality of life in these patients. It has been seen that a trained art therapist is responsible for conducting the art therapy sessions and the  patients are provided with the art related material as the crayons, colored pastel, rolls of papers, lead pencils, charcoal, scissors, paint brushes as well as the adhesive tapes (Hunt, 2001, p. 78).

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