Sample Essay

Art therapy is a form of an expressive therapy that has a correlation with psychological based therapies. Expressive therapy is also known as the creative arts therapy in some cases. In this case for the patients, the use of creative arts is made more important thereby making use of creative arts as an indirect approach to the therapy.  In this kind of therapy, creation is the main aim rather than emphasizing on the final product (Rigby, Morris, Lavelle, Stewart,  and Gatrell, 2002, p. 310). Connotation of the art therapy or the expressive therapy has been based on the fact that healing in the inflicted people can be accelerated when they start using their aesthetic and creative imaginations as well  as the creative expressions.

Psychotherapeutic theories have been utilized in combination with the physiological aspects involved in the process of creation.  The main target of an art therapist in this case has been to analyses and then treats the needs of these patients as in this case the needs are mostly inclusive of the emotional, physical as well as cognitive needs. As in this case it has been seen that the art therapy sessions are designed so as to meet the addressed needs of the patient as well as the choice of the materials is also dependent upon the needs that are analyzed.  The major advantage that has been noticed in relation to the art therapy is to enhance the quality of life as well as an improvement in quality of life of a patient (Collie, 2006, p. 780).

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