Sample Essay

In examining the above discussed issues concerning various aspects on marketing of the brand, various legal issues which surround the producers and their line of production, various market researchers will assert that there are quite a number of issues which need to be addressed. The major logical trap by the poor companies involves an easy trap to which they succumb.  For instance they may take two opposing brand production chains and mash them into one flawed chain whose performance yields disastrous results. In contrast, a sound company takes things from a wise perspective; they act by combining two logical structures and at the end emerge with a better, integrative model.

An example of this integrative approach is to identify and logically explain the various principles, concepts, and success factors of other existing ingredient brands such as Intel, TetraPak, and Teflon. Successful companies pick on and borrow from some of the most famous and proven success strategies, besides maximizing on these strategies, they move on to propose other valuable ways through which they can increase their market share in addition to being exclusive. Many of the companies which are usually small or medium-sized are looking for ways to differentiate and Ingredient Branding offers them with this chance.

Straight companies also aim to create more chances for competitive differentiation; they establish entry barriers for their fellow competitors; they also struggle to maintain customer loyalty; Fill in the pressure on market demand; protect their consumers from interchangeability; achieve a brand value, equity price premiums and volume on their brand; Elevate their market share power; and measure and analyze the level of their risks and profits. These are all good reasons, but the same companies seek to address major risks involved for the suppliers of ingredients before the loose all the customers for instance; Increased dependency on quality; High cost and time management; Increased need in relation to quality assurance; removes any potential to be targets for competitive attacks; and effective address of resistance by industrial customers.

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