Sample Essay

The authors Levin and Malka have used a simple way of addressing argument realization with semantic roles and representations that are then realized into the morphosyntactic and finally the book concludes with thematic roles and that a single hierarchy of thematic roles can not be ordained.

The communication needs of linguistics as a field of study can be compared to analytic and natural sciences. There has been less work comparatively in linguistics as a field of study if compared to natural sciences obviously and the works in linguistics are comparatively more compendious, not in the form of text books mostly and usually written by single authors. But research surveys in linguistics are aimed at removing this lacking as a result. These surveys aim to provide a detailed insight into the literature of linguistics and also a deep study into the field based on years of research.

This book has a background of great research into the field of linguistics and especially semantics and syntax. I shall recommend this book to researchers and also students of computational linguistics and particularly lexical semantics. This book is insightful and an authentic source of knowledge in the field of linguistics. It can also provide a great amount of information for further discussion and research into the subject.

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