Sample Essay


The article under consideration namely Bathing Beauties that was written by Anna Schnur-Fishman is a magnificent article written by a teenage girl about the topic of locker room showers and nudity. In the article a number of teenage girls learn how to love their bodies.


The article basically is about girls getting to know and feel about their bodies. As is said in the article, the society make women think too much about their bodies, from the very beginning women are made aware of their body and how it has to fit into a certain predetermined cultural preconception which is not real and as women and girls try to fit the mould they start becoming conscious of things and part of their bodies and start thinking about them and giving them undue importance. At the camp the author and her friends though were not worried about their bodies

Sure, Natasha confided, she wished her boobs were “more symmetrical,” and Maggie that she had “less hairy upper-inner thighs,” but in a hierarchy of things that obsessed us, these issues fell fairly low on the list. We looked, we all agreed, “good enough” for the locker rooms” (Fishman, p.1).

The article further focuses on girls who are uncomfortable being seen naked in a communal bath as she says that at times you see girls who are comfortable in the communal bath at BIK and you wish you were like them (Fishman, p.1). Hence, the basic foundation of this article is a communal bath for girls at BIK.  Throughout the article, the author has made it clear that girls have to feel good about their bodies no matter what. She further goes on to list out certain lessons that the girls learnt at BIK as well as the properties of BIK which made it work for the girls that she mentions are reflective and countercultural.

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