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Based on my limited understanding and reading, Jazz first became popular among black people, and the pianist is a truly talented individual. He used professional techniques to make all the musical elements together, such as dynamics, melodies in his solo part, and also harmonies when accompanied other musical instruments. At times the music especially the piano performance made me relax, but it had a tendency to suddenly become more exciting. I think the most attractive characteristic of Jazz music is that you can never predict which kind of music you should expect because most parts of Jazz are original, created by musicians on the spot. What you need to do is just enjoy the skill of the musicians and the amazing music that they create. After the intermission, some people joined the orchestra and started to sing.

I left at this time as I think that Jazz is a music that is purely instrumental and singing accompanying it tends to remove the magic Vocal sound destroys the amazing and unpredictable characteristics of Jazz music.
Going to a live Jazz concert had been my dream since I watched Chicago. I’m so excited that I finally had a real experience with Jazz music. It is not like classical music, which follows a certain form. From my point of view, creating Jazz music by someone is one of the most innovative things because musicians need to stay in the rhythms but not limited to them and in Jazz they have the advantage of experimenting. I definitely will listen to more Jazz music after the concert, which made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

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