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In The Rape of the Lock, all of the women and men are the female leads and heroes, who replace banter with the opposed sex in salons as an alternative of going to war in opposition to righteous enemies on the fields of battle. Instead of gods and goddesses interfering in the happenings taking place in the human lifestyle, sylphs and elves arbitrate, with tasks suitable to their natures (The Rape of the Lock Alexander Pope, p.1 and Pope, p.1-52).
The poem that has been taken into consideration is known to all as The Rape of the Lock that has been written in the eighteenth century by Alexander Pope. Alexander Pope took up writing in a period that has usually been named by all as the Augustan Age of English literature. This poem was printed distinctively to determine a solemn disagreement amid two most important Catholic families. The grounds of the squabble was the slashing off of a lock of curls by Lord Petre from the leader of Arabella Fermor. The poem is said to go back to the models of the classical past, but th e way that it has been written and the subject matters put forward in it prove the fact that it had been written back in the years of the eighteenth century.

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