Sample Essay

The problems in appraisal systems can be avoided and minimized due to a great extend. The first factor is to use the right tool to appraise performance and in this case it was dependant on the system which itself was inefficient. The second know the problem since understanding the problem will help in gaining insight into the root cause and that will assist in drafting out a solution. In this case it was the database system or introduction of technology which was the problem since the management needs to realize the importance of training and development. The third is to train supervisors since if they are not efficient in their job it will affect the appraisal and the performance of employees. The fourth is to to keep a record of employee performance for over a year to also give them a benefit of doubt.

The fifth and the last are control outside influences like turnover and the way supervisors treat the employees who leave the organization. In this case the HR manager was not bothered with the increasing turnover rate and they believed they could simply hire much more bright individuals and this gave the existing employees the feeling that the company did not care for them.

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