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Similarly, if this same concept is applied to the brands that are in to the market currently then it can be clearly understood that there are many brands present in the market that are exactly doing what that is explained in Bakerian Mimicry concept. Brands like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton may be engaged in similar practice as they keep on imitating each other’s collection. Nike and Adidas can also be classified as brand competitors and have been replicating each other’s idea in sportswear. Hence it can be clarified that Brands of today are just like flowers that tend to mimic with flowers of their own species. They keep on observing on the ideas of the other competitor brands to come up with the same offering to create competition in the market.

Today, brands can be found at in each and every category. Brands are into automobiles, household appliances, electronics, food & beverages, luxury goods and many technological goods. It seems pretty clear that if we step into any supermarket, we are surrounded by numerous brands and their products which are similar to the other brands offering similar goods (Morris, 2008).

For instance, if a deeper look is given to automobile sector, car manufacturers are imitating similar ideas of their competitors due to which it is rare to see any different and unique car model coming into the market. Best example is both Mercedes and BMW are big names in automobile industry and their models imitate each other too much. Recently BMW decided to come up with a 4-wheel drive and the idea was copied by Mercedes instantly which too launched a 4-wheel drive vehicle to compete with BMW.

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