Sample Essay

Communication can be improved by removing the barriers to communication. Communication is essential for the success of any organization and it is the best way to improve performance levels (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001). This lacks in DrugDiv and it needs to be overcome. The barriers to communication are as follows:

  • Filtering: This is when information is purposely manipulated in order to communicate the wrong information and to create unnecessary problems.
  • Selective Perception: Perception is based on one’s personal experience and upbringing in life so that distorts information and communication becomes ineffective because people often perceive that which is incorrect. For e.g. in this case Brian tries to consult the Transport and Accounts department and they ask him to mind his own business.
  • Information overload: This is when too much information is bombarded and the person tends to forget and leads to ineffective communication.
  • Language: There are various languages and meanings differ for many so communication may not be effective this way.
  • Communication Apprehension: This unnecessary anxiety when one has to speak face-to-face so the person is unable to deliver the right message.

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