To arrest both of the individuals who were left, including Oscar Grant, he became aware of their intentions. Prostrated on the ground all this time, he tried to get up now, but was forced back down. Officer Mehserle and his partner then tried to restrict Grant to put handcuffs on his hands behind him and ordered for him to comply with the police but Grant refused. Officer Mehserle was grabbing Grant’s right hand behind his back, however Grant wasn’t frisked for any hidden arms, from the time he was first grabbed to this point when he was forced down.

Even the video shown later on television displayed the other officer punching Grant hard in his face before he got shot. Grant’s family also declared officers hit Grant several times before he was shot. BART police officer’s lawyer claim Grant provoked the officer by hitting them. Another video also shows that Officer Pirone who was partner to Officer Mehserle shouted a racist profanity at Oscar Grant, who was black in ethnicity. Pirone’s lawyer claims they merely repeated a term Oscar fired at them.

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