Sample Essay

The main character, namely Bartleby has been portrayed by the author as a weird person who is also an outcast. He is an overwhelmingly dejected and friendless man, who seems absolutely not capable of finding work that will keep him happy. He does not even like living and life itself is very tiring for him. According to sources, the world in which the central character lives is that where a man works and earns till the time that he is dead. For a number of reasons he is considered an outcast.

The person who he works for who remains unnamed in the story is a lawyer. He makes a number of attempts to connect with Bartleby but fails. In some way, he is able to have compassion for the eccentric scrivener, but he just cannot or will not help him. Since the beginning of the book, the explanation of Bartleby is arresting. He is portrayed as a person who has already faced death, and is portrayed just the way a person would explain a dead body or as one would illustrate a ghost. “Pale from indoors work, motionless, without any expression or evidence of human passion in him at all, he is a man already beaten. Even his famous statement of non-compliance, “I would prefer not to,” is an act of exhaustion rather than active defiance” (About Bartleby the Scrivener, 1999).

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