Sample Essay

With the invasion of ever advancing technology and uproar of new trends in organizational culture the policies of the organization seems well aware of the need of training and development of the employees, particularly managers (Bushman, 1995). The basic advantages an organization seeks from development of the managerial staff and management can be classified into three broad categories, optimization of managerial skills, enhancing the skills of managers and personality development of the management.

The optimization of managerial skills is particularly needed for an organization because this is the whereabouts of an organizations success. This optimization is an implied expression of managerial productivity (Griliches, 1998). The need of individual manager and management development is therefore needed by the organization to ensure that the abilities of the employed human resource are benefiting the organization to its most. The agenda of optimizing the managerial skills is also relevant to a latest organizational trend that is workforce diversity (Lysonski, 1985).

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