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Beauty is the occurrence of the experience of gratification. It is basically a combination of such precision of figure and attraction that is somehow very satisfactory for the senses of ones own self as well as for others. The sense basically considered here is that of sight. Other senses include hearing and beauty is also that quality which charms the cerebral or honorable sense, all the way through intrinsic elegance, or appropriateness to a preferred end, an ornamentation, embellishment, style, charisma.

With consideration towards arts and media, one can believe that beauty in these respects is mainly related to the outward looks of a person or basically ones appearance including facial features, physique etc. beauty in these respects has certain standards. Images of the female body can be seen everywhere in them. The standards of beauty these days include being thin, having good physical features, good hair, sexuality, actions or at times even thoughts etc. money and fame do not usually play a part. However if one considers visual arts such as paintings or sculptures, one may believe that in this respect beauty has a rather traditional or abstract consideration. Every being has his or her own perspective of beauty. One should not question his or her feelings if they do not match with the standard of beauty. Even if some aspects are not agreeable, there are some aspects of beauty that one can agree with. For example, inner beauty of a person is extremely important along with physical beauty. But all in all, it the perception of beauty is extremely dependant on his or her own values. The choice of a culture with respect to beauty says much about its values. It is an aspect that gives us much information about the way it perceives its people as well as its core values.

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