Sample Essay

The main rationale that has been seen in case of the  art therapies that the quality of life, as well as the  well being needs to be enhanced in the patients suffering with breast cancer. In addition to this the restoration of the body image,   reduce the amount of stress as well as give the patients the support that they need for the well being. In this way as has been seen the patients can improve there well being as well as they can express themselves in the better manner. Moreover the effects  that have been seen as a result of art therapy has been the improvement in the dependence on one’s own self rather than the family members.

There is a fewer ratio of people who believe that there is cause and effect relationship between the art therapy and breast cancer. The creative expression by the help of art therapy has been one of main reasons that can cause healing in these patients, in both kind s of cancers, the ones that have been suffering from the  disease as a result of the  genetic abnormalities as well as the  kind which has been inflicted as a result of a certain trauma.

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