Sample Essay

Microbes are involved in cycling vital elements such as carbon and nitrogen, breaking down wastes and dead organisms into simpler substances plants can use in photosynthesis. But microbes are essential for humans as well. In recent years the uses of microbes have been discovered which are of immense importance for better utilizing the nature’s gifts.  Biotechnology is often associated with the use of genetically altered microorganisms such as E. coli or yeast for the production of substances like synthetic insulin or antibiotics. Apart from medicinal importance, microbes have agricultural importance as well. Biotechnological advances in agriculture also require the help of microorganisms.

Transgenic plants can increase yield, reduce vulnerability to environmental and pathogenic stresses, improve taste and appearance and produce novel plant substances. To create transgenic plants, a vector, Agrobacterium, is required to transfer genetic material into the plant host. Had there been no microbes there wouldn’t have been medicinal and agricultural advancements. (Hua)

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