Sample Essay

One can just imagine the extensive benefits that terrorists are gaining from just a simple click of a button while at the same time worsening the conditions of innocent civilians who are totally unaware of their causes. Learning the goals of terrorists teaches everyone that being vigilant is essential because relying on the military and the government is not sufficient if one is seeking for a definite protection.

The question, therefore, of what constitutes information terrorism and what activities that occur on the internet qualify as terrorism remained open.  Further, the literature review showed that , there are not yet definite laws and standards that enable operators for large networks of internet-connected computers to exercise reasonable care so that people and properties will not be harmed by cyberterrorists.   If companies and industries are be guided properly in their operations and prevent cyberterrorists from penetrating their databases such policy is needed (Gordon & Ford, 2003, pp. 9-10). The absence of proper legal jurisdiction prevents victims to charge legal actions against the perpetrator as well as to know the proper actions they should take if they suspect terrorist action. A “techno-legal” solution is therefore required (Dalal, 2006).   In order to provide such a definition leading to such policy, the researcher will conduct the proposed study.

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