Sample Essay

The teenagers joining the military service benefit because they become skilled at realistic life skills such as first aid, wilderness survival, computer expertise and self-preservation. They grow to be bodily fit, psychologically strong and well-informed in numerous areas. They further learn how to work hard, restraint themselves, pursue orders, think and show the way to their peers.

Further on, what is more important is that when they leave the military they do so with the skills that profit the social order, the place of work and the family. It would also profit them in their later lives as they would be people with a college degree, and have also served the military for two years or so and this would make them more attractive in the public and private sectors. Because of these reasons, making the joining of military services as soon as one turns eighteen is a must.


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that teenagers it should be made necessary for the teenagers to join the military service as soon as they turn eighteen as this would benefit their own selves as well as the society and the country at large. Because of this action, a number of lives could be saved by guiding teenagers in the right direction.

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