Sample Essay

Another great benefit of the PRINCE2 2009 is that the products can be taken over by the people involved in the project at any stage of the project and not towards the end like in PRINCE2 2005. The Controlling the Stage process now has different measures to ensure whether any finished products need to be officially handed over to the user. When a product is transferred to user early it is usually beneficial to both the supplier and the client.

The Closing the Project process now comprises of more clear guidelines in case of early closure. In case of PRINCE2 2005 the term abandon was used on the other hand PRINCE2 2009 stresses on making the projects product safe and then to review and analyze if there is any remaining and possible value that can be retrieved from the project and if it is a possibility – how it will be carried out for e.g. they can be sold at a good price to a third party. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 378-380)

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