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By launching project on this particular occasion i.e. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, certain benefits can be expected. First of all the project aims and objectives must be set so that it can be analyzed what objectives are to be achieved during the project work and what benefits will be community be getting when the project is launched.

The first benefit of launching this project would be to let the world community know about the problems being faced by the adjoining area where oil spill has occurred. When a project is launched and media captures such activities, then the other communities do stand up and grant assistance to that particular community so that their problems could be solved on urgent basis.

The second benefit of such projects is that Government can be pressurized and the company that has been involved in the oil spill can be penalized or heavily fined. Like in the case of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, the government under Barrack Obama has been heavily criticized as they have not taken the right decision and actions to stop the oil leakage. Secondly such projects can also lead towards community filing law suit against the company blamed for the Spill. Louisiana has already demanded British Petroleum to pay heavy fines and bring things to usual as they were before. It has also asked to pay compensation for the loss the state has borne since oil spill.

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