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It is believed that Beowulf can be considered the oldest existing English epic poem, that was written somewhere around the 7th or the 8th century. Beowulf is about the grand Scandinavian hero known as Beowulf’s expedition to gratis Denmark by killing the monster, Grendel. Later on Beowulf is announced as the king of his homeland Geatland, but then later dies because of a fire-breathing dragon. The only well-known document can be found in the British Museum in London. Even though translations of the real document can be found everywhere, but the original manuscript was written in Old English. The author of the poem remains unknown to all.

An epic is a lengthy storyline poem on a solemn theme. It basically tells us about the adventures of a hero. The hero is typically a stature of elevated social rank
and one who is repeatedly of great chronological or well-known significance. In the classic poem “Beowulf”, the hero is Beowulf. He proves that he is a hero and a great person by at all times considering other things before thinking of his own needs. He is significant and desired by his populace and is acknowledged by many as an audacious and long-suffering person. Beowulf is a first-class exemplar of a spirited and strapping hero. He illustrates all of the characteristics and qualities that a true hero possesses (Heaney, p. 1-215).

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