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The creation story in the Bible begins with God as the creator and is eternal without, beginning or end, His existence is perpetual, God is the creator of this universe. There are    many similar stories of creation presented in the Genesis and in enuma elish that believes that creation involves the then goddess Tiamat. According to the Bible The creation started and was completed in seven days as also depicted by the Genesis. The Bible presents that God created the heaven and earth on day one, the earth was only darkness, God created light and separated light from darkness to name it day and night.

This is in parallel to the study of   Genesis in which some similarities are shown as the creation story in enuma elish is   presented, it states that, there is divine spirit that created the universe, then came the creation    of water, The Hebrews called it Deep and the Babylonians called it Tiamat which means   deep, then came the creation of dry land,  then the creation of man and last the divine spirit   rested after creating man both, Genesis version and the Babylonian versions of creation are   similar and parallel to that mentioned in the Bible. According to the Bible God is the maker  and creator of the universe, as written in the Genesis first God created heaven and earth, day  and night (Gen.1:1-5), He caused the universe out of nothing , then He made day and night on  the second day, (Gen:1:6-8), on the third day He separated the water and dry land and ordered  trees and fruits to grow, (Gen.1:9-13), days, years, and seasons evening and morning were  made on the fourth day.(Gen.1:14-19), also sun moon and stars were made, creatures started   appearing on the fifth day,(Gen.20-23), along with  all kinds of creatures God made male and  female, He made man out of dust and breathed life in him through his nostrils and man  became a living being.(Gen.2:7)in all the parallels the man is the last creation, this is the sixth  day of creation on the seventh day God takes a rest from all the work, He blessed the seventh  day the completion of creation.(Gen.2:1-3).this study is a parallel to the Bible as it tells the  same story.

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