Sample Essay

Education is an imperative characteristic of our lives. Society places great significance on getting hold of the best education achievable. As is known by all, a person needs education so as to develop the skills that are required so as to make it through everyday life. On the other hand, just going to a school is not all that is required to make it. A student needs to be able to perform well in his or her classes in order to get the most out of his or her education. Some students find ways to make this changeover beneficially and become accustomed to college, while others feel weighed down and not capable to in point of fact meet the demands of their new roles. Significant elements of social modification include becoming incorporated into the social life of college, structuring a support network, and taking control of new social freedoms. Even though many have come up with ways to encourage superior student performance, not many comprehend the great significance of healthy lifestyle habits, in particular, coping strategies.
Heavy episodic alcohol consumption is one of the most evident problems that is faced by a vast number of U.S. college campuses. It has been reported that nearly forty percent of students across the nation participate in binge drinking behavior. Bing drinking is defined as a minimum of having four drinks per drinking occasion for women and at least five drinks for men. It is believed that binge drinking is something that has links with varying campus and community alcohol-related problems that turn out to be a threat to public health, and what is more is that it poses threats to the workings of the university itself, and has been associated with “fatalities, alcohol poisoning, hangovers, and academic problems like missed classes, reduction in classroom performance, lowered grades, dropping out, and school failure. There are also secondary social effects such as increased rates of alcohol-related mortality and morbidity, high rates of drunkenness, alcohol-related aggression, attempted suicides, sexual assaults, property damage, illness, campus disruptions, and trouble with police, together with an increased risk of impaired driving” (Jennison, 2004).

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