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Explain why -the flow of energy through the biosphere depends on the cycling of nutrients? and – the cycling of nutrients depends on gravity.

 Biosphere and nutrients

Soil is at the base of the biosphere. Soil is living, maturing entity and life exists within the soil in various forms. Natural vegetation is the most obvious proof of the earth’s life layer. It has various nutrients which are utilized by plants for photosynthesis. The most essential start of energy flow in the biosphere is photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process through which plants make their own food with the help of sunlight and carbon dioxide at the same time releasing oxygen. (Biosphere)

An ecosystem is a nexus between plants and animal in terms of energy. Solar energy along with inorganic nutrients is absorbed by plants and chemical energy is lost. Inorganic nutrients include phosphorous, nitrogen and iron. (McShaffrey) Energy from the sun is converted by photosynthesis green plants. Such food producing plants provide food for small larvae and other tiny life forms. In turn these are eaten by animals, which are eaten by other animals. During all this plants and animals die and decay. (Biosphere)At this stage, the last of the energy is extracted (and lost as heat) and the inorganic nutrients are returned to the soil or water to be taken up again. (McShaffrey) Therefore, this cycle of nutrients and energy flow is important for all life forms to exist in biosphere. Inorganic nutrients are either taken up by plants from atmosphere or water. For taking up nutrients from water, water cycle is necessary.

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