Sample Essay

The client will be initially taught her school course alongside basic decorum and behavioral techniques. She will be informed of the environment around her in a broader perspective and a two way session of discussion and arguments will be encourages. Aside from this she will be provided with medication to control her severe mood swings and erratic behavior which has been characteristic of late.

Aside from this lifestyle changes would be made for her. This would include fixed waking up and sleeping timings, caffeine free food and educating pertaining to drugs and alcohol. Aside from this her day would be managed according to a strict schedule. The family would also be advised to keep crises and arguments at the low level in order to not trigger a disorder. The sibling communication and relationship will be encouraged in this case as this will aid the patient in becoming gregarious and less erratic over time. The alternate method of treatment would be hospitalization and medical treatment in order to make way for immediate control of her symptoms. A longer psychological treatment would follow the medical treatment.

The treatment of the patient will be evaluated according to her progress in the treatment and the way she is able to correspond with those around her. The timings of the mood swings and the communicative behavior will also contribute towards the evaluation of the patient.

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