Sample Essay

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric mental disease which tends to make the patient have severe mood swings. The mood swings tend to be extreme of each other and can range from manic behavior to severe depression. This gives the characteristic name of the condition as a ‘bipolar’ disorder. In this paper we have outlined the condition of a selected patient having the bipolar disorder. The physical and mental condition as well as the symptoms of the patient are observed and recorded. Moreover a teaching and nursing plan has been provided which will aid and contribute towards the treatment of the patient.

Initially this disorder was only apparent in adults, however in the recent years, it has also been observed in children. The main reason is the due to the changing family life and environment as well as the change increase in the pollutants which are unknowingly consumed by the young mothers and pregnant women in the region. This results in a chemical imbalance in the brain of the resultant child making them highly susceptible to disorders akin to the bipolar disorder. “Bipolar disorder is a chronic psychiatric disorder with a variable course and significant impact on patients’ social, occupational, and general functioning and wellbeing. Although there are effective pharmaceutical and psychosocial interventions for patients with bipolar disorder, many patients receive poor-quality care” (Revicki et. al.., 2005)

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