Sample Essay

Another theory which also tends to separate the experiences of African American women and highlighting their unique differences is the black feminist theory. This theory showcases a black feminist consciousness which basically assumes that African American women have endured through history and as Code (2000, p.56) explains, their experiences are integral in understanding their racial, gender and class predicaments in the midst of a predominantly white society. Their recognition as leaders becomes influenced by the evolvement of this black feminist perspective. More so, it has become known as an empowering force which greatly alters the place of women in modern leadership.

Shared perspectives from these women’s perspectives have evolved an epistemology which can further their recognition as leaders. Collins (2000, p.219) stipulates various elements of female African American knowledge. These aspects include the use of dialogue in knowledge evaluation as they search for the truth. Their capacity to instigate dialogue allows them to formulate discussions amongst conflicting parties under their jurisdiction. Another aspect which is incorporated in African American women’s epistemology is the ethic capacity for personal responsibility and accountability. Experience has indulged African American women as capable of upholding their duty for accountability and also influencing others to honor theirs also. This incorporates issues of moral behaviors and their role in social cohesion and inclusive leadership.

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