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The simplest concept here is when a thread is made to execute on a processor it stops processing when it’s been clocked by any event possibly failure to access cache etc other thread is given a chance to execute. This scenario is called a cache miss and suffered thread has to wait quite a number of CPU cycles and instead of waiting for this operation the execution is given to another thread to efficiently manage processing power and improve performance. This concept is called Block or Cooperative or Coarse-grained multithreading.

A hardware that is multithreaded has been designed to achieve the capability to switch between threads. A blocked thread has to be replaced by a ready to run thread. The whole process involves the replication of different registers. These registers could be program visible or processor visible belonging to each thread associated of a specific processor. For the processor these register may include the program counter etc. Switching to another thread means switching the registers that are being used. Here efficiency is achieved by using hardware having capability to switch registers in one CPU cycle.

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