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     The book under consideration is named “Blood Done Sign My Name”, which has been written by Timothy B. Tyson”. The basis of the book is that racism still exists in theUnited States of Americaeven though many believe that racism is rare now a day. In this exceptional personal history, Tyson, who teaches African-American studies and is basically white, courageously scrutinizes the civil rights effort in the South.

The books center of attention is the assassination of a young black man, Henry Marrow, in 1970, a catastrophe that spectacularly widened the racial fissure in the author’s hometown of Oxford, N.C. Tyson depicts the killing and its consequences from numerous perspectives, together with that of his present-day, 10-year-old self; his progressive Methodist pastor father, who made every effort to show the way to his parishioners to triumph over their narrow-mindedness; members of the disempowered black community; one of the killers; and his older self, who comes to Oxford with the eye of a historian.

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