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This book is exclusively for researchers in syntax and semantics and linguistics being the substrata of the book, it handles the relationship between verbs and their arguments through a deep survey of various theories that explain the determination of how morphosyntactic realization of arguments is done by a verb’s semantic. The book enlightens the reader with the problems of argument realization by covering its various miens like semantic roles, conceptualization of events, verb alternations, lexical semantic representation and thematic hierarchies. The book basically falls under computational linguistic study.

The book has been divided into three extensive parts. The first one examines the current theories related to lexical semantic representation, event structures and semantic roles. The second part revolves around mapping from lexical semantics to syntax and also thematic representations. The third and last part has been dedicated to views on multiple argument realization.

Chapter 1:

It covers the various linguistic theories and also how these explain the syntactic similarities in language in their own unique ways. The problems of developing a theory of argument realization and also an associative theory of lexical semantic representation have been discussed. The chapter also points out the strategy for isolating semantic components of verbs and also that these can not be isolated to exclusively explain syntactic behavior. Finally it culminates by expressing the importance of regarding verb meanings as ‘construals’ of occurrences and it also delves into the variety and similarities in argument realization via cross-linguistic examples and such that prove that argument realization envelops not just agent and patient roles but other aspects as well.

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