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In the coming week, Martine disembarks in Dame Marie, called upon by Grandmè Ifé for the rationale of squaring off. Sophie is told by her that even though they started off incorrect, now that Sophie is an adult, she and Martine can make a new start. The understanding that existed between the mother and the daughter seems to come back. The very same night, Atie and Martine reveal on the clutter of their lives. Afterwards Grandmè Ifé, despondent with the influence of Louise on Atie, finally buys her pig so that she can make arrangements for enough money to leave the country. Louise goes away without even saying goodbye to Atie.

All the way through her journey to home, the constant worry of being in Haiti leaves Martine physically ill. She is supported and helped out by Sophie as she spends the night with her, and the next morning Martine discloses that she is pregnant by Marc. Consequently, she finds that the horrors of her rape have started getting worse, and she is at a loss of just what she can and should do. Sophie comes back home to Joseph, who she finds is extremely angry over her for going away like that, despite the fact that he loves her very much. All the way through that week, Sophie focuses on her sexual phobia group and has constant sessions with her therapist, Rena, while Joseph tries to help her restore to health.

As a gesticulation of benevolence, Martine calls over Sophie and Joseph to expend that Saturday with her and Marc. The day is depleted eating, being amused, and singing spirituals. When Sophie, Joseph and Brigitte come back home, Martine phones them up to tell Sophie that the baby has started to talk to her in the voice of the rapist, and that she has determined that she needs to go for an abortion. The day after that, Sophie comes back home from therapy to an insistent message from Marc.

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