Sample Essay:

The approach of Booz Allen (2004) focuses on three different stages and these stages are explained below:

1)    The first stage revolves around the senior hierarchy and it actually engages the top members of the hierarchy to lead the change. The first stage is the upper part of the pyramid and this stage makes the case for a change provides a certain level of leadership; develop an appropriate plan which is related to consequence management.

2)    The second stage is the stage of cascading down and breaking the barriers. In this stage cross-functional teams are created and a proper performance approach is used with cascading down and motivation.

3)    This is the base of the pyramid in this stage the organization is mobilized and ownership is created. In this stage the change program is roll out at the base. Change is measured in this stage. This stage ends with sharing knowledge and embracing learning in organizations.

Figure: 1 Booz Allen’s Model of organizational change

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