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According to the case study, Borel being a worker in insulation industry for 33 years was diagnosed with lung cancer mainly because of unhealthy work conditions which became the cause of Borel’s death. After knowing that the cause of death was unhealthy working conditions, Borel’s heir sued the employers and demanded settlement for the loss of their father. The problem now between the parties is that one employer which is Fiberboard has not settled the matter out of the court and now the case is being heard by the judge which has already ruled that the Fiberboard are liable to pay for the damages.


This case has been filed in order to ask for compensation from the employers like Fiberboard and Manville for not informing their employees about dangers of inhaling asbestos. The defendants have been held liable for the cause of death of Borel and now they have filed for an appeal so that the court decision can be reconsidered.

Legal Issue

The important questions which are likely to be asked by plaintiff are that why proper and secure working conditions were not provided to the employees working on industrial insulation jobs. The working conditions are supposed to be safe; furthermore why employers did not communicate the danger of working and the possible health consequences of working with such dangers. The defendants can argue on the reason that employees sign the contract before working and must be aware of dangers that might be caused due to working on industrial insulation job.

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