Sample Essay

A bottleneck in terms of Project Management is referred to one process in chain of processes that slows down the efficiency and capacity of the whole chain. For instance, in a car manufacturing warehouse where cars spare parts are assembled to make up a complete car, a team of workers are slow at fixing doors of the car whereas all others processes are carried out quickly then Bottleneck in this situation would be the team fixing car doors as they are slow and due to which less number of doors are fixed resulting in low capacity of cars being assembled.  In terms of anticipating with bottlenecks, the best solution is to motivate such employees and train them appropriately to make sure that their skills are well polished so that they are able to perform well and efficiently. The best option while planning for a project is to avoid people on board that may create problems that result in inefficiency and slower productivity but if such people have made it in a project’s team then best way to tackle is to train them and keep their morale high so that they keep on performing up to the mark.

Both risk and time factor play a key role in success or failure of a project therefore a project leader has to have strong skills in taking decision on right time and taking right level of risk to ensure project reaches to achieve its goals. Being a project leader, I would sacrifice taking risks but make sure that I would be able to take care of the time issue and make things done within the right span of time. From the simulation, planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling are the 4 areas which have been emphasized deeply. Dividing the project into sub projects, taking risk and taking care of time has been analyzed as well.

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