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Background & Rationale

Advancement in the field of technology has been taking place rapidly and from time to time different organizations are coming up with so much new inventions that clearly suggest that technological advancements have gone well beyond the imagination of human race. Gadgets that were previously considered as items that only exist in imaginary world have now become reality and are in reach of customers to use them the way they like (Johnson, 2007, p.98).

Apple Inc is one of the best known and the most creative company that exists currently and truly has been the best company which is equipped with fine technology and extra ordinary research team that has been coming up with the most innovative and unique gadgets from a long time. Apple Inc is a brain child of the founder and the CEO, Steve Jobs who has been the biggest asset of the new product development team of Apple Inc. The company initially had been competing with Microsoft and was engaged in designing operating systems (Macintosh) for computers but received massive recognition in the entire world when it launched iPod, a portable media player in October, 2001. Since then, Apple became increasingly famous in entire world with its hot selling items including Macbooks, iPod, iphone and iMac (O’Grady, 2008, p. 109).

Recently, Apple Inc added Ipad to its product line which itself is a tablet PC which has resulted in massive demand from customers all over the world to discover more how innovative and creative the new gadget from Apple is. Within the period of two months since its launch in April 2010, Apple has managed to sell 2 million ipads which clearly suggests that the brand communication strategy adopted by Apple Inc is so strong that it manages to accelerate the sales volume for the company within no time (Johnson, 2007, p. 99).

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